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Amity was built to bring the nations together, and it will serve that purpose once again.

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Amity Colosseum is the location of the Vytal Festival tournament. It is an enormous levitating arena that is capable of moving vast distances, making the journey to the host Kingdom every time the festival is held in one of the four Kingdoms. When not in use, the Colosseum remains parked near Atlas.

As the Vytal Festival and its combat tournament grew in size, it was decided the tournament would need a grand stage. The colosseum is a technological marvel built from the resources and contributions of all four Kingdoms, designed to match the increase in skill for the competing Huntsmen, and as a symbol of harmony between the four Kingdoms.

After the Fall of Beacon, James Ironwood planned to re-purpose Amity Colosseum into Amity Communications Tower, a tower on the colosseum floating in the upper atmosphere, as a replacement for the Cross Continental Transmit System.

Description[edit | edit source]

The docking area of the colosseum

Amity Colosseum is an enormous airborne colosseum with an inverted cone shape. The base of the structure is a very large Dust crystal that tapers to a point.

Located above the main Dust crystal are two levels of docking bays for Air Buses to offload passengers. Large archways lead passengers to the seating area.

The seating area of the colosseum

The seating area has an incredibly large capacity, able to accommodate the large crowds of spectators. The red seats closest to the arena itself are apparently reserved for contestants in the Vytal Festival and other VIPs.

Above the seating area are huge holographic screens, which display the Aura monitors for tournament matches, as well as videos of the matches in progress (including action replays). The tournament presenters (for the 40th Vytal Festival, Peter Port and Bartholomew Oobleck) sit in a small booth above the top level of the seating area.

The forcefield protecting spectators

The audience are protected by an invisible forcefield which prevents projectiles and other objects from leaving the fighting area. When hit, the forcefield pulses a light blue color and ripples around the impacts. It is capable of preventing flying contestants from being flung into the spectator stands and is also able to absorb stray bullets. In addition, the forcefield also acts as a shield, protecting the stadium from external impacts, such as Grimm attacking from the outside.

Arena[edit | edit source]

The center section floats

The tournament matches themselves take place in a large octagonal arena. The arena is capable of changing its environment into several different "biomes", including grasslands, forest, fire, ice, geyser fields, stormy mountains, desert, an ocean and beach with a wooden ship, city ruins, gravity arenas, and a swamp. The arena also has artificial weather effects, such as thunderstorms and an artificial sun. In all matches, the central octagonal part remains the same regardless of the biome. The biomes can be made to take either a fraction of the arena or the entirety of it, as seen in Ironwood's fight against Arthur Watts.

During the team round, the arena is split evenly into two biomes, which are chosen randomly at the beginning of every fight for each half of the arena. During the doubles round, four biomes are chosen for each fight. In certain biomes, Dust crystals are also scattered around for combatants to use. In the singles round, no biomes are chosen, and only the center platform is in bounds. During matches at night, a ring of stage lights is present to allow light for the event.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

V3e1 92.png The default appearance of the arena, before the biomes are chosen. Before the match starts, biomes are randomly chosen for each of the segments. Once a biome is selected, the superstructure retracts, the terrain rises up from below the ground and the match begins.
V3 01 Biomes.png The Ice and Lava biomes are seen during the match between Team RWBY and Team ABRN. Crystals of ice Dust are scattered throughout the icy area, while the lava field contains orange Dust. The icy area also appears to be very slippery, which factors into the battle.
V3 02 Biomes 0.png The Forest and Mountain biomes are seen for the match between Team JNPR and Team BRNZ. Most of the melee occurs in the central octagonal area, while May Zedong takes cover in the trees of the forest terrain. Thunderstorms form above the mountain biome, which Nora Valkyrie is able to take advantage of.
V3 02 Biomes.png Desert and Ocean biomes are seen during the match between Team SSSN and Team NDGO. The ocean biome contains an artificial shipwreck, as well as small sandy islands and coconut trees. The sun-baked desert area also includes an artificial sun, and spectators are provided with sunglasses to watch the action. Nebula Violette comments that the desert area is reminiscent of Vacuo, giving her team (and Vacuo native Sun Wukong) a "home-field advantage".
V3 0400004.png Urban, Geyser, Savanna and Forest biomes are seen in the doubles round match of Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black against Coco Adel and Yatsuhashi Daichi. Mercury and Emerald initially take cover in the tall grass, but Coco destroys their concealment. Later, Yatsuhashi and Mercury have a one-on-one fight in the geyser field as Emerald ambushes Coco in the forest biome.
Tron biome.png Ocean, Geyser, Mountain and Anti-Gravity[1] biomes are seen in the doubles round match of Penny Polendina and Ciel Soleil against Russel Thrush and Sky Lark. Only the end of the fight is shown. Various patches of the arena appear to have weak fires burning, and Russel and Sky take cover behind rocks in the mountain biome. From the center of the arena, Penny launches her swords toward the pair and instead pierces the rocks they are hiding behind. She then lifts the rocks, taking Sky and Russel with them, and slams them down, shattering the rocks into pieces.
V3e5 00042.png

Lava, Desert, Geyser and Urban biomes are seen in the doubles round match of Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long against Flynt Coal and Neon Katt. Neon makes heavy use of the urban biome, using structures as ramps and grinding along edges. When she accidentally lands in the geyser biome, one of her skates gets tripped up on the uneven surface, leading to her defeat. In this round, the lava biome now spews geysers of lava, which Flynt uses to melt Weiss' first barrage of ice crystals. The lava is later used against him when Weiss tackles him into a lava geyser, which reduces his Aura to sixteen percent.

RWBY Amity 9.png No biomes are present for singles round matches. Instead, the center platform is raised and is the only playable field for the fight. The out-of-bounds area has the emblems of the four kingdoms instead of the default appearance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Amity means "a friendly relationship", signifying that the arena represents the bond between all of the four Kingdoms.

The different components of the Colosseum color-coded to their Kingdom of origin

  • During the World of Remnant episode in which it appears, the four kingdoms are assigned colors to represent them. These could possibly be used to deduce which parts were built by which kingdom: white - Atlas, blue - Mistral, orange - Vacuo, green - Vale.
    • These colors also appear on large banners above the stadium spectator stands.[2][3]
    • These colors also appear behind the contestants' images when the aura monitor display is seen.[4][5]
  • Many of the biomes were designed by production artist Erin Winn and modelled by environment artist César Altagracia.[6]
  • In an AfterBuzz Interview, Miles and Kerry mentioned there were also biomes for anti-gravity and swamp, but they weren't used.
  • Some of Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross' favorite shows and games were used as sources of inspiration for the arena.[7] In particular, they attributed Super Smash Brothers as a source of inspiration for the use of biomes due to the game's use of environmental hazards in its stages.

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