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This is it. Their chance to tell the world the truth. Will their message be heard?

"Amity" is the fifth episode of Volume 8 and the ninety-seventh episode of RWBY. It premiered for Rooster Teeth FIRST members on December 5th, 2020 and was made public on the Rooster Teeth site on December 12th, 2020.


Pietro Polendina finishes getting the Amity Communications Tower ready for launch, with help from Maria Calavera, while Penny Polendina sets up bombs in the Schnee Dust mine. The three successfully intercept the tower's launch request and begin the countdown. However, Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai and Neopolitan arrive via airship and enter the tower through a massive hole that Cinder burns into it next to one of the stabilizers.

James Ironwood and the Ace Operatives are alerted when the Dust mine explodes, and they leave Ironwood's office to go to Pietro's Atlas laboratory.

After the launch, Penny engages Cinder in a fight, and Maria and Neo fight. During this, Neo reveals to Maria that she is after Ruby Rose. Just as the tower reaches its broadcast range, it activates its stabilizers, but the one next to the hole Cinder created fails due to the damage it took.

Penny attempts to lead Cinder away from Amity Tower to keep the structure safe, but Cinder lures her back by melting some of the metal beams that hold the raised platform Pietro is on. In her efforts to keep the platform from coming loose, Penny traps herself, and Cinder attempts to steal her Winter Maiden powers. Penny manages to get Cinder off of her, breaks Neo's Aura while protecting Maria, and then faces Cinder again. Cinder and Emerald attempt to defeat Penny by using Emerald's Semblance to make her hallucinate several Cinders attacking from all sides. However, Penny's heat signature vision reveals which Cinder is the real one, and she fires a powerful laser that causes Cinder to lose consciousness.

Distraught, Emerald checks on Cinder and attempts to defend her by shooting at Pietro's computer atop the platform, telling Penny that she knows she cannot win against her but will go down destroying the computer. Emerald's words and emotional state cause Penny to lower her swords and allow Emerald to flee with Cinder. Neo, who appears to be angry, flies them out of the tower.

Pietro explains to Penny that, due to one of the stabilizers being damaged, the tower is no longer in broadcast range and will likely drift along until it touches down somewhere in the north. Penny insists on pushing the tower up just long enough for them to broadcast their recorded message, and Maria backs her up, prompting an emotional outburst from Pietro, who is terrified of the thought of Penny dying again. After a heartfelt exchange, Pietro agrees to let Penny lift the tower, realizing that his fears are holding Penny back from living her life.

Penny successfully pushes the tower up just long enough for it to broadcast a video of Ruby to the entirety of Remnant. Friends, family and strangers in all four kingdoms and Menagerie watch the video on televisions and Scrolls as Ruby tells them that Atlas is in danger and tells them about Salem. She mentions the Maidens and the Relics, assuring everyone that, regardless of whether Salem can be killed, she can be stopped if they work together. Ruby adds that Theodore and Glynda Goodwitch can verify what she is talking about, but that Ironwood can no longer be trusted. Her words anger both Harriet and Tyrian, though Salem seems pleased.

While the message continues to play, Ironwood watches as Arthur Watts switches out a chip in Penny's sword, replacing it with one with Watts' emblem on it. As soon as he places the chip, Penny's eyes begin flickering red, and she struggles to continue pushing the tower. The tower then leaves the broadcast range, causing the video to be cut off, and Penny continues to struggle against Watts' chip. She soon loses consciousness and drops from the sky, managing to tell Pietro "I love you" just before all communications with her are lost.

Unable to make contact with Penny, Ironwood questions Watts, who explains that Penny's systems are likely rebooting. Ironwood angrily throws his Scroll at Watts, leading to the Scroll becoming broken. He then orders Winter Schnee to take the Ace Ops and search for Penny. As he leaves the room, he tells Harriet to take Watts back to his cell, and the two fail to notice Watts picking up Ironwood's broken Scroll after casually turning off the computers.

Yang Xiao Long, Lie Ren and Jaune Arc are wondering why the broadcast was cut off, when they hear a noise in the distance outside the tundra outpost. The three run out into the tundra and find that a river of Grimm has formed, and it is steadily flowing from somewhere in Monstra's direction toward Mantle.


Pietro Polendina is putting the finishing touches on part of the Amity Communications Tower when he receives communication from Penny Polendina.

Penny: Dad?

Pietro: Penny?

Penny is sitting in front of a bomb inside the Schnee Dust mine.

Penny: This does not seem like a very good idea.

She looks down at the bomb, and her sensors tell her that it is a danger.

Pietro: There is a difference between a good idea and our best idea. Sadly, we don’t have time for much else.

Penny touches the bomb’s interface, arming it. Meanwhile, Pietro rides the elevating center floor of the Amity Colosseum downward.

Pietro: We have enough systems up and running to broadcast our message and keep Amity in atmospheric orbit. But our thrusters just aren’t capable of reaching our target altitude on their own.

On the lowest level of the colosseum’s arena, Maria Calavera is piloting a mech and using it to carry a large machine.

Maria: Ha, fortunately, we’re sitting on a couple hundred tons of thrust.

Maria walks the mech to the center of the platform and puts the machine down.

Pietro: Once we passed into broadcast range, we’ll activate stabilizers, re-establish global communications, and boost the message we’ve recorded out into the rest of the world. After that, we just have to pilot Amity away from all this mess.

Penny arms another bomb in the mines and flies up to a tunnel where yet another bomb is sitting.

Penny: But what if no one is able to come and help Atlas? If I stay behind, I could maybe--

Pietro: Penny, we are not having this conversation again. I’m your father and I’m telling you that you belong on Amity.

Pietro and Maria are riding the platform back up.

Penny: (disappointed) Yes, sir.

Maria: Don’t you think Penny has had enough people telling her what to do?

Pietro: (sighs) Prepare for launch, please. I’m moving us into position.

Penny flies out of the Dust mine and up to Amity Tower. Once she arrives, she sits on the edge of the platform, while Pietro works on a computer projected by the machine that Maria placed.

Pietro: All systems are ready. Penny?

Penny looks at him and then gets up and walks over.

Pietro: Amity is requesting launch access… now.

Penny looks at the screen, which says “Connecting…” She looks down, waiting. Pietro and Maria look at Penny, and after a few moments, her eyes glow slightly. The tower’s stabilizers activate, glowing purple, and Pietro and Maria celebrate.

Pietro: Oh yes, it worked!

Penny smiles, but then lowers her head. Pietro places his hand on her arm to comfort her, and she looks at him and smiles. He then begins typing on the computer again.

Pietro: Oh, I didn’t have time to install seat belts, so I’d advise you to hang on.

Pietro taps a button on his walking chair, and parts of the chair’s legs begin glowing purple. Maria laughs and walks away. The bombs in the Dust mine begin counting down from thirty seconds, and Penny begins helping Maria get back inside the mech. The two are soon distracted by a loud thud, followed by a fireball flying up through the air. Penny flies over to the edge of the platform and looks down to see a huge hole where the fireball melted through from outside the colosseum. An airship levitates up from the smoke, and atop the airship stands Cinder Fall with flames coming from her hands.

Cinder: (excited) And where do you think you’re going?

Penny looks back at Pietro, who looks scared.

Pietro: Penny, no!

Against her father’s wishes, Penny flies down and floats above the arena to face Cinder, drawing Floating Array. Cinder hops down from the airship with a grin, while Emerald Sustrai and Neopolitan exit the airship. The countdown on the bombs reaches zero, and the bombs explode, setting off a chain reaction of Dust eruptions. As the colorful explosions intensify, four jets on Amity Tower activate. The combined force causes the tower to begin flying into the air, which slams Penny into the floor. Cinder drops to one knee and steadies herself with her hands.

In Atlas Academy, James Ironwood, Vine Zeki, Marrow Amin, Elm Ederne and Harriet Bree are gathered around the table in Ironwood’s office. A hologram screen is showing a map of Solitas, on which the locations of the Kingdom of Atlas, Amity Tower, and Monstra are marked. A new screen appears, displaying the words “Sensory Alert”, while an alarm plays. Yet another screen appears, showing footage of Amity Tower beginning its take-off.

Ironwood: It’s time.

He walks away.

In Amity Tower, Emerald has been forced to the floor by the tower’s ascent. She looks at Cinder, who is focused on Penny.

Cinder: I was hoping your friends would be here. But it looks like they left you to do all the work.

Cinder begins spawning dozens of glowing hot glass swords on the floor around herself.

Cinder: (laughs) You’re just a tool to be used!

Penny: You do not know what you are talking about.

The tower finishes ascending, and its jets turn off. Cinder grins and thrusts her hands forward, making the glass swords launch themselves at Penny. Quickly, Penny uses the jets in her feet to get up and move backward, then arranges her swords in a circle in front of her and spins them to deflect and shatter the glass swords. One of the glass swords manages to make it through, stabbing into the wall next to Penny’s head and causing her to gasp. She becomes worried but continues spinning her swords. Piloting the mech, Maria hops in between Cinder and Penny, using the mech’s arms to block the remaining glass swords. The mech stands tall and begins walking toward Cinder.

Maria: Get away from her, you bi--

Cinder’s airship suddenly slams into Maria’s mech, knocking it away.

Cinder and Penny look at each other and then begin flying toward each other. However, Penny dodges Cinder and continues past Maria, who is wrestling with the airship. Cinder chases Penny out of the arena, and Emerald turns her attention to the battle between Maria in the mech and Neo in the ship.

Maria: Stupid, clunky machine!

Maria manages to slam the airship down onto the floor, and Neo reverses the ship until it breaks free from the mech’s grip and floats away. Maria looks around, only to find the airship seems to have disappeared. She then notices Emerald using her Semblance on her to hide the ship from her vision. The ship once again slams into the mech and keeps going until the mech is slammed into a wall. Neo parks the airship and gets out.

Maria opens the cockpit of the now damaged mech and begins climbing out, only to see Neo standing in front of her. In the distance, Emerald calls out to Neo.

Emerald: Let’s go!

Emerald hurries out of the arena, but Neo only spares her a glance before looking back down at Maria.

Maria: And what do you want?

Neo leans down to Maria and uses her Semblance to make herself look identical to Ruby Rose. She then grabs Maria and tosses her out of the mech. Maria rolls and gets to her feet, sliding to a stop with a confident grin. On the platform above, Pietro watches as Maria begins dodging Neo’s attacks. He hurries back to the computer to check on the tower’s status.

Pietro: Please, please, please!

The screen displays an image of Amity Tower above a green dotted line labeled “Broadcast Range”. The top of the screen says “Broadcast Signal Range Achieved”.

Pietro: Yes!

However, as the tower’s stabilizers activate, the text on the screen changes to “Warning! Stabilizer Fail”, with a diagram and multiple windows appearing. The screen then changes again to display Amity Tower dipping below the now yellow dotted line. The top of the screen says “Broadcast Signal Lost In -” with a countdown timer for three minutes. The hole that Cinder burned into the colosseum is directly next to one of the stabilizers, causing it to malfunction and struggle to remain active.

Pietro: We’re… drifting?

Pietro begins typing on the computer.

Penny flies around the outside of the colosseum. Cinder sends flame arcs at her, and Penny fires lasers in response. Cinder tries to slash at her with swords, but Penny blocks and flies up above the colosseum. There, Cinder sends more flame arcs at Penny, one of which makes contact. Penny uses one of her swords and its wire to swing herself around the roof of the colosseum. Cinder combines her swords into a bow, firing a few glass arrows. The arrows miss Penny, but they sink into the colosseum’s roof and explode.

Concerned about the tower, Penny flies away. At first, Cinder gives chase, throwing fireballs and becoming frustrated when Penny continuously dodges them. However, she soon gets an idea and stops in her tracks. Noticing this, Penny looks back at her, using her eyes’ zoom function to see what she is doing. Cinder smirks at her over her shoulder and then flies back to Amity Tower, and Penny flies after her.

Inside the arena, Neo repeatedly swings her parasol at Maria, who laughs and blocks every attack with her cane. Neo hooks her parasol’s handle on the cane and uses it to throw Maria. Much to Neo’s surprise, Maria changes her cane into its sickle form, hooks it on the parasol’s handle, and pulls herself forward to land a kick on Neo’s head. Maria then hops off of Neo’s head, and Neo begins to fall over but catches herself. Neo charges Maria and leaps at her, but Maria blocks the parasol with the top of her sickle and then folds the sickle’s blade down to ram the head of it into Neo’s face. She then unfolds the sickle to hook it onto the parasol and pull, knocking Neo down.

Cinder begins shooting flames at the metal beams supporting the communications platform, successfully melting three of them before she hears Penny calling out.

Penny: No!

Cinder smiles when she sees Penny flying toward her, dodges when Penny fires a laser at her, and sends a fireball in return. The two hover above the platform.

Penny: Why are you doing this? Why serve someone like Salem?

Cinder: (smiling) I don’t serve anyone. And you wouldn’t either, if you weren't built that way.

Penny: That is not… (glancing at Pietro) I choose to fight for people who care about me.

The melted beams begin to give out, causing the platform to slowly sag. Penny stabs her nine swords into the floor and uses the strings to pull the platform up. Using her Maiden powers, Penny begins shooting ice magic at two of the beams, attempting to cool the metal back down. She looks down at Pietro, then at Cinder, who flies over, wraps her legs around Penny’s waist, and begins trying to grab her with her Grimm arm.

Penny grabs the Grimm arm’s wrist and screams in terror, struggling against Cinder. The ice on one of the beams begins breaking off, and Penny shoots ice magic at it again. Cinder grabs the hand that Penny is using to hold her Grimm arm and applies intense heat that instantly causes Penny’s hand to glow white hot. Penny loses her grip from the pain, and Cinder immediately grabs her face with her Grimm hand, which muffles Penny’s screams. The Grimm arm begins glowing bright green.

Penny attempts to fly away but is still tethered to the platform by her swords. She swings herself and Cinder beneath the platform and continues struggling, while Emerald runs back into the arena. Penny creates eight jagged ice swords and uses them to push Cinder off of her, but Cinder’s Grimm arm stretches and holds onto Penny’s face. As Cinder moves back toward her, Penny puts her feet up in the way and uses her jets to kick off from her, sending Cinder flying backward to slam against a wall. The ice swords follow Cinder, and one pins her cape to the wall.

Emerald: Cinder!

Penny lands on the floor of the arena, near Maria, distracting the latter. Cinder pulls the ice sword from her cape and then looks at Emerald, with the two exchanging a smile. Neo takes the opportunity to knock Maria down. She then walks toward Maria, drawing the sword from her parasol, only for Penny to shoot her with a large laser with all nine of her swords, slamming her into the airship hard enough to break her Aura.

Penny flies up into the air to once again face Cinder, who creates a glowing hot glass spear. Suddenly, Penny is surrounded by copies of Cinder, all wielding the same spear, thanks to Emerald inflicting her with hallucinations. Penny levitates her swords behind her and forms a storm cloud above herself. The Cinders point their spears at her and then charge her, while lightning strikes Penny’s swords. Penny activates her vision system’s heat signature mode, allowing her to identify which Cinder is real. She gathers her charged swords and uses them to fire a powerful laser at Cinder, destroying the spear and causing Cinder to scream out in pain. Emerald rushes to Cinder’s aid.

Emerald: Cinder! No no no! No!

Emerald kneels beside Cinder, who is lying unconscious on the floor. She rolls Cinder onto her back to check on her, while Penny levitates near them. Emerald turns and fires her gun toward Penny, but the bullet flies straight past Penny and hits the machine on the raised platform, barely missing Pietro. Penny watches the bullet, then turns to Emerald and points her swords at her, angered.

Emerald: I know I can’t beat you.

The anger leaves Penny’s face. Her Maiden eye flares disappear, and she frowns.

Emerald: But I can fill that thing full of holes before you take me down.

Emerald sheds a single tear. In response, Penny lowers her swords and relaxes her posture. The colosseum shakes and rumbles, and Penny looks around. She watches Emerald hurriedly carry Cinder away and then flies away. Emerald gets into the airship, setting Cinder beside her, while Neo starts the ship. Emerald worriedly pets Cinder’s head, then looks at Neo, who looks annoyed.

Emerald: Get us out of here. Hurry.

Neo’s look of annoyance turns to one of anger, and she flies the ship out of the colosseum.

Penny flies back up to the platform, carrying Maria. She sets Maria down.

Penny: Dad! Are you okay?

She runs over to Pietro and kneels in front of him. The computer screen says “Broadcast Signal Lost”.

Pietro: The stabilizer was damaged. We’ve missed our window.

Penny gets up and runs over to the computer, typing on the keyboard.

Pietro: At this rate, we’re likely to drift until touching down just north of--

The colosseum rumbles again.

Penny: I can fix this.

Maria: What?

Penny: Our message is only a few minutes long.

Penny turns to them and continues talking with a smile.

Penny: I can try and hold Amity in place until--

Pietro: Absolutely not!

Penny frowns in disappointment.

Pietro: You’re in no condition to do something like this. Even just the temperature out there could--

Penny: It is our only option.

Maria: She is right, Pietro. We have to remember the big picture--

Pietro becomes frustrated, interrupting Maria.

Pietro: I don’t care about the big picture! I care about my daughter!

He slams his fist down onto the arm of his chair. He lowers his head and takes off his hat as he speaks.

Pietro: I lost you before. Are you asking me to go through that again? No. No. I want the chance to watch you live your life.

Penny walks over and gently lifts his head so he will look at her.

Penny: But dad… I am trying to.

He takes her hand into both of his and then takes a moment to emotionally gather himself, nodding.

Pietro: Right.

She gently kisses the top of his head. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, while Maria walks over to stand beside him, smiling at Penny. Maria puts her hand on his arm while he puts his glasses back on, and Penny flies outside through an opening in the roof. Penny takes a few moments to look down at Atlas, then up at a borealis in the sky, smiling to herself.

Penny flies down to the damaged stabilizer and begins pushing on it, using the jets in her feet. Pietro watches the computer screen as the image of Amity slowly rises up through the red dotted line representing the broadcast range.

Pietro: Come on, Penny.

Penny activates her Maiden powers, and the jet she is producing increases greatly in size and changes from green to cyan. The computer plays a noise as the tower reaches broadcast range, causing Pietro and Maria to celebrate.

Maria: Yes! Atta girl!

A window labeled “User input needed to continue” appears on the screen, asking “Initiate Broadcast Operational Sequence?” with buttons for “Yes” and “Cancel”. Pietro brings his fist down onto the keyboard.

All of the screens in the Atlas military base suddenly display a broadcast color pattern with the text “Atlas Emergency Broadcast System” displayed across the top, emitting a long tone. A large screen on a building in Mantle flickers on, displaying the same image for a moment before switching to a pre-recorded video of Ruby, with Blake Belladonna’s voice coming from off-camera. Drunk Mann and Drinking Buddy look at the screen and then at each other.

Blake: Okay, go ahead.

Ruby: Um, uh. Hi. My name is Ruby Rose. I’m a Huntress. And if we’ve done everything right,  then I’m talking to all of Remnant right now. Dr. Polendina can explain more later, but right now you all need to know that the Kingdom of Atlas is under attack.

The video is broadcast to TVs and Scrolls all over Remnant. People in Mistral Central Station begin watching it, as do Saphron Cotta-Arc and Terra Cotta-Arc. Adrian Cotta-Arc grins and waves his hands at the image of Ruby.

Ruby: Things are dire, and we need help. But please, try not to panic. This isn’t some new enemy or invading Kingdom. This is a force we’ve faced before, for centuries… Salem.

Whitley Schnee is watching sadly from Jacques Schnee’s office, resting his arms on the desk with his chin in his arms. He tenses and lowers his gaze when Ruby states that they need help. In the Mantle crater, refugees and Fiona’s uncle are gathered together, watching. In Vacuo, Neptune Vasilias and Sun Wukong are watching on their Scrolls, and they look at each other.

Neptune: Dude.

Ruby: The White Fang, Atlesian drones, even the Grimm themselves have all been controlled and manipulated by her, in order to tear down the Huntsman Academies.

In Menagerie, Ilia Amitola is sitting on a roof, watching on her Scroll, when Ghira Belladonna calls her. Joanna Greenleaf watches among citizens in Mantle, standing behind Drunk Mann and Drinking Buddy.

Penny turns and presses her back to the stabilizer, using her hands to produce two more jets and continue pushing on the colosseum.

Ruby: I know the idea of the Maidens and Relics seems… well… crazy, but I promise Professor Goodwitch of Beacon and Headmaster Theodore of Shade can verify all of this.

Shopkeep is standing in From Dust Till Dawn, and he looks over at Glynda, who happens to be in his shop. She looks stunned.

Ruby: They might even be able to help organize a way to fight back. But sadly, General Ironwood can no longer be trusted.

Ironwood and the Ace Operatives are watching from Pietro’s Atlas laboratory, and Harriet quickly mutes the TV when Ruby says that Ironwood cannot be trusted. Marrow was smiling until the TV was muted. Ironwood walks over to the desk where Arthur Watts has dismantled part of Penny’s sword and is working away at the inside.

Ironwood: It seems Polendina’s proxy trick worked.

Watts: And that’s good news for us.

Watts uses tweezers to remove a chip that has Penny’s emblem on it.

Watts: Penny’s blades operate on the same principle as Amity in the launch terminal. In order for her to control them all, they need to communicate with one another.

In the throne room inside Monstra, Tyrian Callows is sitting beside the throne, watching the broadcast on his Scroll with a scowl. Salem places her hand on his head with a smile, and he smiles and looks at her.

Ruby: We didn’t have time to prepare for Salem. But now you do! Just because she can’t be destroyed, doesn’t mean she can’t be beaten. If she really was unstoppable, she wouldn’t have acted with such caution until now.

Ruby, Blake, and Weiss Schnee are sitting against the bed in Weiss’ bedroom, watching the broadcast on Blake’s Scroll while Nora Valkyrie lay unconscious in the bed, covered in bandages.

Ruby: She knows we’re a threat. So even if we-- even if Atlas falls, you can’t give up.

Watts uses tweezers to pick up a chip with his emblem on it and shows it to Ironwood, who nods. He then places the chip into Penny’s sword, and the lighting inside the sword changes from green to red.

Penny gasps as her eyes flicker red for a moment. She then cries out and grips her head. Her jets stop working, and she falls for a few seconds, before activating her jets again and flying back up to push on the stabilizer.

Pietro: Penny! What’s going on out there?

Penny: I… (grunts) I do not know!

Taiyang Xiao Long is watching the broadcast from his living room in Patch.

Ruby: (smiling hopefully) I hope Amity Tower will help bring us all together. Because in the end, that’s how we’ll win--

The broadcast is suddenly cut off, and the screen reverts to the Atlas Emergency Broadcast System screen. Tai reaches out for a moment.

Tai: No! No, come back!

Tai lowers his head into his hands, and Zwei whimpers, lays down, and rests his head on Tai’s leg.

Pietro: Penny, you’ve done enough, sweetheart. Get back inside! We can ride out on Amity together.

Penny struggles, her eyes flickering between red and their normal green color.

Penny: No! I-- I have to go! The Vault! No! (panicked) Dad!

Penny looks up at the tower, and her eyes become dull and lifeless. Her body goes limp, and she begins falling.

Pietro: Penny! What is happening!?

As she falls through the atmosphere, Penny becomes engulfed in flames.

Pietro: Please, baby, say something.

After a moment, the light returns to Penny’s eyes, and she then closes them.

Penny: I love you.

The radio communications between Penny and Pietro fill with static.

Pietro: Penny!

Pietro coughs and lowers his head into his hands, crying. Maria rests her hand on his back, trying to comfort him.

Pietro: Penny.

Harriet: Global comms just went back down.

Ironwood is looking at his Scroll, with which he attempted to call Penny. The screen says that it could not complete the call.

Ironwood: And Penny isn’t responding. (turning to Watts) What did you do?

Watts plays with Penny’s sword as he speaks, before turning to Ironwood.

Watts: Exactly what you asked. It’s possible Penny’s systems are merely rebooting. As for the tower, well, perhaps Pietro isn’t the genius you thought--

Ironwood angrily throws his Scroll at Watts, who swats it away. The Scroll, now broken, lands on the desk.

Ironwood: (sighs) We’re not waiting. You’re going to find her.

Ironwood turns to address Winter Schnee who has approached the desk.

Ironwood: Winter.

Winter stares at Penny’s sword, giving Ironwood a delayed response.

Winter: Sir?

Ironwood: Until Penny either responds or is standing in front of that Vault, we can not assume her status. Take the Ace Ops. I want constant updates.

Winter, Marrow, Elm and Vine salute him and then begin leaving the room. Watts picks up his tool kit and then begins rolling his chair along the desk, turning off the monitors. Ironwood heads for the exit while addressing Harriet.

Ironwood: Get him back to his cell.

Harriet: With pleasure.

Watts picks up Ironwood’s broken Scroll and holds it behind his back as he stands up and faces Harriet.

In the tundra outpost, Yang Xiao Long, Lie Ren and Jaune Arc are looking at their Scrolls.

Yang: That was the broadcast. Why did we lose signal?

They hear a loud noise in the distance and are soon after running through the snow in pursuit of rumbling sounds.

Jaune: There’s another one. I think it’s just up ahead.

They suddenly stop and stare at something with wide eyes.

Ren: What… is this?

The ground has broken open, and black liquid is flowing inside the crack. The ground rumbles, and Yang takes a step forward. A piece of dirt with a small bush on it breaks off beneath her foot, and Jaune reaches out in case she falls. The dirt and bush fall into the liquid and instantly dissolve. Soon after, a Sabyr head floats to the surface.

Yang: It’s Grimm. A river of Grimm…

She, Jaune and Ren look where the liquid is heading, while Monstra hovers in the distance in the opposite direction. They see that the river is snaking its way across the tundra toward Mantle.

Yang: ...heading straight for the Kingdom.


Minor Characters


  • There were so many UI prompts on all of the computer terminals and screens in this episode that a large spreadsheet was required to keep track of where and when each was needed. This was made more complicated by the fact that simple static images would not suffice as the screens needed to be dynamic and match the action around them.[1]
  • Maria saying "Get away from her you bi..." while piloting the mech is a reference to a scene from the 1986 movie Aliens, where protagonist Ellen Ripley attacks the Alien Queen in a power loader to protect Rebecca "Newt" Jordan.
  • During development, the river of Grimm Liquid was originally going to be a much bigger part of the story before being scaled back.[1] The scene at the Happy Huntresses camp in "Refuge" was originally intended to set up many plot elements from this that were later cut, such as the "Pillar of Grimm" miniboss that was going to be fought by the heroes.[2]
  • Miles Luna outlined that they wanted to use Maria and Pietro this Volume. Since they knew that they wouldn't get a lot of screen time, they decided to give them a big moment to shine in this episode so that they were not relegated to the background as support characters that ultimately don't contribute to the overall plot.[1]
  • Originally there was going to be a comedic scene where Pietro is repairing some equipment on the outside of Amity while attaching himself to the wall with Gravity Dust built into the boots of his legchair. Penny would approach Amity unexpectedly, startling Pietro and causing him to drop a wrench into the atmosphere. This was cut for time, but there are still hints to the chair's Gravity Dust boots during liftoff.[1]
  • At one point during the fight between Penny and Cinder, Pietro's chair was going to be deactivated, forcing him to drag himself along the ground. This was cut due to the episode already getting too long.[1]
  • Maria was originally only going to fight Neo and Emerald in the mech instead of also fighting them herself.[1]
  • As Cinder is pinned to the wall by Penny's charged beam, she has her arms raised as she screams in pain. This is the same reaction she had as a child when the Madame activated her shock collar. This was included as foreshadowing to the flashbacks that would be featured in "Midnight".[1]
  • Penny knocking Neo out with her charged beam was done to show that Penny would win the fight against Cinder using an ability only she had due to her robotic nature, something she wouldn't have during their next fight at the end of Volume 8.[1]
  • Ruby's message to all of Remnant warning them about Salem resembles Epsilon's message to the entire universe about Malcom Hardgrove's actions in Red vs. Blue during the penultimate episode of Season 13.
  • The broadcast scene gave the writers the chance for multiple character cameos from previous Volumes while also serving as a reminder of how far Ruby's Group has come, how many places they've been, and and how many lives that they've touched.[1]
  • On a conceptual level, Penny's fall from Amity was meant to be inspired by a scene from Iron Man where Tony Stark's suit freezes after getting too high in the atmosphere.[1]
  • Paula Decanini draws parallels between what Pietro is experiencing with what Taiyang is going through, with Tai getting to catch a glimpse of his daughter before the communication is cut short for unknown and ominous reasons. Tai hasn't seen his daughters in a long time and like Pietro, had to let them go.[1]

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