Volume 8


Ah! It seems someone has come to engage my creative wiles! All I'll say is, it had better be worth it after my last project. A floating city? How pedestrian.
—Ambrosius, when being summoned by Ruby Rose
I'm going to go ahead and assume that you know it's against the rules for me to bring people back from the dead so...
—Ambrosius, to Ruby about the rules using the Staff
So, she isn't! I'd love to meet whoever did this.
—Ambrosius, about Penny Polendina
There's something eating away at her. I'm guessing you think you have some clever plan to save her. Just know, I will give you exactly what you ask for and I don't want any complaining when it's not what you wanted.
—Ambrosius, to Team RWBY on saving Penny from the virus
You've done your homework.
—Ambrosius, when Weiss shows him the schematics of Penny
Okay, but if I take the robot parts out of her, that would leave...
—Ambrosius, before Blake concludes that would leave just Penny
But a soul without a complete body, what would be left?
—Ambrosius, to Team Rwby about creating Penny without robotic parts along with the virus
(laughs) I suppose I could do a little, oh, add a touch of, but if I do that, how much the old Penny would be my work and how much would be her? Just coming up to the surface.
—Ambrosius, about creating Penny
This is all very exciting and very dangerous. I don't know what the results are going to be.
—Ambrosius, to Team RWBY about the results on creating Penny
Then ready yourselves, to witness my artistry!
—Ambrosius, to Team RWBY before preparing to create the new Penny
It's done.
—Ambrosius, after finishing creating Penny
Ah! Free to create and, oh, it's you guys again.
—Ambrosius, after Weiss Schnee summons him
Sure! I'll just need coordinates and specs for each door, an explanation for bending space and time to account for the much greater traffic on one side, and the single point to the other.
—Ambrosius, to Team RWBY about creating a one way trip to Vacuo
You're going to have to tell me more about this central location. For starters, uh, where is it?
—Ambrosius, to Weiss
You kids are either smarter or much more foolish than you realize. I'm going to need a reference?
—Ambrosius, to Team RWBY for references
Well, everything appears to be in order. You were quite thorough, disappointingly so.
—Ambrosius, to Team RWBY after creating a dimension that can lead them to Vacuo
Oh, and one last point of clarification about this central location of yours, do not fall.
—Ambrosius, giving Team RWBY and Penny a warning
Okay, and with that dire warning.
—Ambrosius, returning back to the Staff

About Ambrosius

The spirit in the Staff. Like Jinn but, well, he's a character. He can build you anything, but only if you can explain to him how. Like any craftsman, he'll need blueprints. Some sort of reference. It'll help if we have real world examples to show him.
—Ozpin, about Ambrosius
Oh dear... Ambrosius.
—Ozpin, realizing Ambrosius made the Vacuo portal one-way
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