Before recorded history, the God of Light created the spirit known as Ambrosius. He is bound to the Relic of Creation, and can create anything the user desires. It us unknown how many creations Ambrosius has made, though he was used by Ozma to raise the City of Atlas in the air sometime before the start of the series.


Aiding the Heroes

Ambrosius appears

When Ruby's Group makes a plan to save the citizens of Atlas and Mantle by using the Relic of Creation for themselves, they make their way to the Atlas Vault to retrieve it. Once they got there, Team RWBY summon Ambrosius and make use of a loophole in the Relic's rules in order to convince him to save Penny by using her soul and her robot body to make two distinct Penny’s - one with robot parts and one without.

Once this is complete, Ambrosius recedes into the Staff, and time begins flowing again. With the Staff no longer keeping Atlas afloat, the city begins to descend, with its Gravity Dust keeping it from outright plummeting. Weiss Schnee then summons Ambrosius from the Staff once again, and Team RWBY explains that they would like him to create portals throughout Atlas and Mantle that will all lead into a pocket dimension similar to the Vault. From there, everyone will be able to travel to a singular portal that opens into Vacuo. With the logistics explained and maps presented to him, Ambrosius makes it so, and just before they enter the portal near them, he warns, “Do not fall”.

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