Then ready yourselves, to witness my artistry!

Ambrosius is a spirit that resides in the Relic of Creation. He can be summoned by the user, at which point he can create anything they desire. He made his first appearance in "Creation".


Similar to Jinn, Ambrosius' appearance is that of a Human, but much larger. His skin is blue that glows and gives off smoke, similarly to the Relic of Creation. He has elongated, pointed ears, and lacks some Human anatomy. He also has short, spiky light blue hair with a long ponytail leading down to his thighs. His eyes are dark blue in the sclerae and pupils and a lighter blue in the irises.

Ambrosius appears nude-like and wears only various accessories, all of which are gold: stud earrings, gold ring for his ponytail, arm ring on his left upper arm, bracers on his wrists with chains dangling from them like broken shackles, vine like ornaments on his right thigh and left lower leg and a ankle bracelet on his right and chains around his torso crossing his chest and terminating in point resembling the Relic of Creation.


Described by Ozpin as quite a character, he is an extremely enthusiastic and boisterous being, being very loud and animated in his mannerisms and having an unparalleled passion for creation and design. However, he is quite prideful and temperamental, making it clear that he doesn't want to hear any complaints about what he creates if it isn't exactly what the user asked for. As seen from how he created the portal doorways for the evacuation of Mantle and Atlas, Ambrosious is extremely detail oriented.

Ambrosius seems to enjoy subverting the person who uses him as seen in "Worthy", where he purposefully made the portals from Atlas to Vacuo inaccessible after exiting by taking advantage of Weiss's metaphor of making the portals a "One-way ticket", despite warning them prior that he will give exactly what they asked for, showing a level of fairness.

He also has an appreciation for the work of fellow craftsmen, as he complimented whoever created Penny Polendina and stated that he would have loved to meet them.

Powers and Abilities

As a being created by the God of Light, the full extent of his power is unknown. However, it is clear that he is very powerful and capable of many feats.

He has the ability to create anything provided that he is given precise details on it. He was able to conjure an exact copy of Penny Polendina using her existing robot parts as well as create a new body to house her soul, effectively transforming her into a Human. Ambrosius also showed the power to manipulate space-time to not only create a dimension similar to the Vaults, but portals to everyone in Atlas that exit to Vacuo, all without any effort. Despite this, only one of his creations can exist at any time, as the previous one will be undone the moment he starts another task.

He is also extremely specific with how he uses his powers, as when Team RWBY asked for a "one-way ticket" to Vacuo, it was later shown that there was quite literally no way back through the portal once already traveled through it. Finally, he is forbidden from resurrecting the dead and destroying, the latter being against his purpose.

His creations appear to have no limit, as Ambrosius was able to generate an infinite supply of energy to keep Atlas afloat indefinitely as well as an endless amount of flames upon being requested by Cinder Fall.

Like Jinn, Ambrosius is capable of stopping time whenever he is summoned from the Staff.



  • Ambrosius alludes to Merlin, a mythological figure prominently featured in the legend of King Arthur.[1] His usual depiction, based on an amalgamation of historical and legendary figures, combining the existing stories of Myrddin Wyllt and war leader Ambrosius Aurelianus to form the composite figure called Merlinus Ambrosius.
    • Additionally, Eddy Rivas stated that Ambrosius' code name throughout writing Volume 8 was "Merlin Daddy".[1]
  • Ambrosia is the food or drink of the Greek gods, often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it.


  • At a height of approx. 13'0" Ambrosius is the tallest non-Grimm being in Remnant.


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