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As a young girl, Amber received the powers of the Fall Maiden, either by being the last person in the thoughts of the previous Maiden or otherwise through a random selection if the last person the previous host thought of was ineligible for the title. As the new host, Amber was granted tremendous power and became the next in a line which has persisted for thousands of years.

Cinder attempted to steal Amber's Maiden powers.

Sometime after she received these powers, Amber was attacked by Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. Although Amber was able to hold out for some time, leading to a fierce and desperate battle, she was ultimately overpowered by her three attackers. With Amber defeated, Cinder then used a mysterious glove to somehow steal Amber's powers. However, before Cinder could steal all of it, Qrow Branwen intervened to rescue her, severing the connection and driving off her assailants.

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In Comatose State

Amber on life-support

The aftermath of the attack left Amber in a comatose state, only kept alive through state-of-the-art medical equipment provided by Atlas. She was kept on life support in a vast vault deep beneath Beacon Academy. Due to the unprecedented circumstances, what would happen if and when Amber died was uncertain. Amber's power could be transferred to her assailant as she might be in her final thoughts, or the sundered power might have sought to reunite with its other half.

In order to prevent this from happening, Ozpin, Qrow Branwen, Glynda Goodwitch and James Ironwood brought Pyrrha Nikos, whom they had chosen to be the next Fall Maiden, to the vault under Beacon where Amber was being kept stable. The four explained their plan to use experimental Atlesian technology to transfer Amber's Aura, and the powers that were tied to it, to Pyrrha. However, the procedure had no guarantee of success and also would have had unknown effects on Pyrrha herself, tying Amber's life inextricably to her own.

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With the city under attack, Pyrrha and Ozpin returned to the vault with Jaune in tow in order to begin the transfer process. As the process began, Amber stirred but was suddenly interrupted as an arrow from Cinder struck her in the clavicle, killing Amber and sending the remaining portion of her power to Cinder, completing her Fall Maiden powers.

After her death, her corpse could be briefly seen during Ozpin and Cinder's battle in the Vault. It is unknown what happened to her body after.

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