The current Fall Maiden – Amber.
Ozpin, introducing Amber

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Amber was a character in RWBY and the previous Fall Maiden. She first appeared, in a comatose state, in the episode "Fall". She later appeared in a flashback sequence in "Beginning of the End".

In "Heroes and Monsters", she was killed when Cinder Fall shot her with an arrow to the chest.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Amber had a light brown complexion, with shoulder-length, straight brown hair. She had a beauty mark below her left eye. She used to wear a long, green hooded cloak on top of an off-white blouse with frill detailing on the shoulders, pleated lower half with a central split, alongside a brown vest that had three straps and golden lining around the collar. She had a dark brown corset with matching pants, as well as a pair of brown thigh-high boots with large cuffs and golden armour plating covering the boots up to her knees.

She also had an amber pendant on her vest, a gold bracer on her left arm, and two gold bracelets on her right wrist. Finally, she had a golden spaulder on her right shoulder as well as a brown shoulder strap with some pouches slung diagonally across her body.

After she was attacked, she was left with extensive facial scarring. When housed inside her life support pod, she was seen wearing a white tube top and a white skirt.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Amber's personality, but when she came across an illusion of a young girl crying she went to check on her and offered her an apple, showing her to be very kind.

Also, Qrow described her as "inexperienced," implying that she was somewhat naïve and easily fooled due to her kindness.

This assessment is given further credence by that fact that she was easily fooled by Emerald's illusion of an innocent little girl wounded in the roadside, despite the obvious suspicious circumstances concerning why a child would be alone in the middle of nowhere.

However despite her naivety due to her inexperience and compassion, it is shown that Amber at least had enough combat experience and instinct to be able to detect Emerald despite her illusion still rendering her invisible.

However, Amber has also been shown to be cold and ruthless when pushed to the edge or when it is needed, as seen where she was fully prepared to kill Emerald after successfully disarming and throwing her off her feet.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As seen during her fight against Cinder Fall and her team, Amber showcased a considerable amount of skill when in combat, having been able to overpower the trio and fend off the trio for a prolonged period of time and even nearly defeat all three of them at the same time.

Amber has also shown to have some level of skill in manipulating her Aura, as seen where she was able to deflect Emerald's bullets by using her hands to project Aura shields similar to Cinder and Lie Ren.

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Amber was equipped with an extendable staff with two types of Dust crystals on either end, fire and wind, which she used to either create strong gusts of wind, or blasts of fire.

Amber showcased enough skill in using her staff as a weapon to successfully fend off the ambush of Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai and able to briefly repel the both of them before being overpowered. Later Amber showcased that she could also use her weapon as a spear to stab her opponents by using the sharp ends of the Dust crystals, seen where she attempted to finish off Emerald.

Maiden Powers[edit | edit source]

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As the previous Fall Maiden, Amber was able to wield vast amounts of power and strength. She was also the only one with the power to unlock the chamber of the Relic of Choice.

Amber creating a large blast of fire with her Maiden powers.

In her battle against Emerald, Mercury, and Cinder, she displayed several astounding powers. Some of them including the ability to levitate in the air, create enormously powerful gusts of wind, freeze leaves and make them solid to create deadly projectiles, manipulate the weather and bring lightning down upon her enemies, as well as shoot deadly fireballs. She does not need Dust to perform these abilities. Her Aura also appears strong enough to repel attacks with no effort or gesture on her part, acting as a powerful force-field. When she uses her Maiden powers, her eyes appear to have a fiery glow.

According to Qrow Branwen in "A Much Needed Talk" however, Amber was still inexperienced in using her powers.

History[edit | edit source]

As a young girl, Amber received the powers of the Fall Maiden, either by being the last person in the thoughts of the previous Maiden or otherwise through a random selection if the last person the previous host thought of was ineligible for the title. As the new host, Amber was granted tremendous power and became the next in a line which has persisted for thousands of years.

Sometime after she received these powers, Amber was attacked by Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. Although Amber was able to hold out for some time, leading to a fierce and desperate battle, she was ultimately overpowered by her three attackers. With Amber defeated, Cinder then used a mysterious glove to somehow steal Amber's powers. However, before Cinder could steal all of Amber's powers, Qrow Branwen intervened to rescue her, severing the connection and driving off her assailants.

Amber on life-support

The aftermath of the attack left Amber in a comatose state, only kept alive through state-of-the-art medical equipment provided by Atlas and split her powers. She is kept on life support in a vast vault deep beneath Beacon Academy. Due to the unprecedented circumstances, what would happen if and when Amber died was uncertain. Amber's power could be transferred to her assailant as she might be in her final thoughts, or the sundered power might have sought to reunite with its other half.

In order to prevent this from happening, Ozpin, Qrow Branwen, Glynda Goodwitch and James Ironwood brought Pyrrha Nikos, whom they had chosen to be the next Fall Maiden, to the vault under Beacon where Amber was being kept stable. The four explained their plan to use experimental Atlesian technology to transfer Amber's Aura, and the powers that were tied to it, to Pyrrha. However, the procedure had no guarantee of success and also would have had unknown effects on Pyrrha herself, tying Amber's life inextricably to her own.

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Death[edit | edit source]

With the city under attack, Pyrrha and Ozpin returned to the vault with Jaune in tow in order to begin the transfer process. As the process began, Amber stirred but was suddenly interrupted as an arrow from Cinder struck her in the clavicle, killing Amber and sending the remaining portion of her power to Cinder, completing her Fall Maiden powers.

After her death, her corpse could be briefly seen during Ozpin and Cinder's battle in the Vault, it is unknown what happened to her body after.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In "It's Brawl in the Family", Qrow had mentioned "Autumn's condition". Autumn is the common name for Fall, as Fall is said in replacement for Autumn, albeit only in North America.
  • Amber's concept art gives her height as 5'8", though it is not known if this was followed in the show itself.[1]
  • Like many people in the world of Remnant, her name follows the Color Naming Rule. Amber is fossilized tree resin, and it typically takes on a brownish yellow-orange. This color aligns with the colors normally associated with Fall (due to the changing colors of tree leaves.)

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