"All Our Days" is a song released on the RWBY: Volume 2 Soundtrack. It was also the ending song to the episode "A Minor Hiccup".

Composition[edit | edit source]

"All Our Days" is a slow, melancholic but hopeful ballad, mainly consisting of Casey Lee Williams' vocals and a piano. Lyrically, the song is told from the perspective of a close relative to a girl, and discusses the passing of time in her life. The singer begins by remembering a time before the girl was born.

She goes on to recount the girl's birth, and a promise to remain by her side for the entirety of both of their lives. The lyrics then describe the passing of time, explaining that the girl has grown up and made the singer proud, before repeating the promise she made at the girl's birth.

The song begins with only the piano playing softly. As the vocals join in, the melody of the instrument changes to more closely match the vocals. The vocals then shift into an ascending pattern during the pre-chorus, and, after a brief pause, move into the chorus. The vocals gradually become higher and sung with more conviction here.

Following that, the piano plays a short solo and the second verse begins. Melodically, this verse and the subsequent chorus are the same as the first, except this time the vocals and piano are accompanied by a stringed instrument, presumably a cello. This is played equally solemnly, further complementing the vocals, but eventually this fades out and the song ends with a repeat of the line "I will stay with you all our days" and some simple piano chords.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Long ago, before we met,
I dreamed about you.
The peace you'd bring.
The songs we'd sing.
The way you'd make things new.

Then one day, you arrived.
I heard your angel cry.
Helpless, small, and perfect,
Welcome to your life.

And on that day, I made a vow.
Whispered and true.
No matter what, no matter how,
I made this promise to you.

I will cling, I will clutch,
I'll hold onto you, I won't turn away.
I won't leave, I won't go,
I will stay with you all our days.

Years of joy have passed since then.
With time I've seen you grow.
Watched you play, new each day.
I begged the time to slow.

And though I miss the little girl,
You've made me awful proud.
Funny how our lives change,
'Cause you're my hero now.

But things in life will rearrange.
Friends come and go.
Don't ever doubt, don't ever fear,
I'm always here and you know.

I will cling, I will clutch,
I'll hold onto you, I won't turn away.
I won't leave, I won't go,
I will stay with you all our days.

I will stay with you all our days.

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