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The Air Bus[1] or Airship Bus[2] is a type of aircraft used for transportation in Remnant. It is first seen in "Round One", where many are flying towards Amity Colosseum. It later appeared in the background of "It's Brawl in the Family" where Winter's airship landed.

One of these crafts was later used by Cinder Fall and her allies in "Beginning of the End". It is later used in "Battle of Beacon" to evacuate civilians from Amity Colosseum and to transport students back to the embattled Beacon Academy. It is used again in "End of the Beginning" as a means of evacuation.

Air Buses are also used by Shade Academy to transport students in and out of the Shade Academy Initiation.


The Air Bus presumably transports civilians and Huntsmen from place to place. Its carrying capacity is stated to be around 40 passengers.[2] An ambulance variant, painted in red and white colors and emblazoned with a red cross symbol, is also seen used by paramedics. Standard airships have the crossed axes of the Vale symbol painted on their side.

Though it appears to be smaller in size than the standard Vale Airship, the Air Bus is still similar in appearance. It has three decks and four fin wings that are possibly part of the propulsion system, as well as a pair of large fan-in-fin tail rotors at either side of the rear fuselage. The back of the compartment has a wide door with a ramp, above which a T-tail rudder is situated.


  • Concept art indicates that appearance of the Air Bus' fan-in-fin tail rotor is based on that of a Comanche helicopter.[2] In the show, the blades spin at a much slower speed than a helicopter's tail rotor typically would.