In Argus

Saphron brings Adrian with her to greet the heroes at their reunion when Team RWBY finally makes it to Argus. Yang Xiao Long and Weiss Schnee immediately bond with him, playing with him while the rest of the team gets to know Saphron. When Saphron refers to Jaune Arc as her baby brother, Jaune retorts that Adrian is the one who is a baby. Adrian pouts at this, prompting starstruck reactions from Yang and Weiss. After Terra comes home, she takes care of Adrian before handing him off to Saphron when she gets a call from work.

The following day, Adrian is picked up from daycare by Saphron after Oscar Pine goes missing. Everyone then meets up back at the house to find Qrow Branwen passed out on the doorsteps, and Oscar back preparing dinner for the entire group. Adrian is then given from Terra to Maria Calavera as his mothers finish Oscar's cooking, and later giggles after Jaune offers his group a plan of stealing an Atlas airship as a way to get to the northern Kingdom.

Saphron and Adrian distract the Nubuck Guards

As the heroes execute their plan to steal an Atlesian airship, Adrian goes with Saphron and Weiss as Caroline Cordovin escorts them into the base. When suspicion arises over the weight of Weiss' luggage, Saphron tells Adrian to cry like they practiced. He nods, cries loudly and fusses in his mother's arms. Adrian and his mother distract the guards, letting Weiss board the ship by herself.

Adrian, Saphron and Terra watch with civilians as a Leviathan emerges from the deep. They stay outside and cheer as a blinding flash of light petrifies the giant beast.

After the Leviatan's attack on Argus, Adrian and his parents watch Ruby Rose's broadcast about Salem attacking Atlas. Adrian is seen happy as he waves his hands at the screen of Ruby, oblivious of the danger.

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