I am not a baby! That is a baby.
—Jaune to Saphron, about Adrian

Adrian Cotta-Arc is the son of Terra and Saphron Cotta-Arc. He first appeared in "The Grimm Reaper".


Adrian is an infant with short black hair and brown eyes. He wears a white and blue long-sleeved shirt with denim overalls and white socks.


Not much is known about his personality, but similar to any other infant, he seems to be very cheerful and playful. However, he seems to have some level of understanding advanced for a toddler, as shown when he pouts and crosses his arms when Jaune points at him and states, "That is a baby" and was seen later giggling when Jaune made his suggestion to hijack an Atlas Airship. He also understands Saphron's instructions and appears to know how to cry on command.


  • Adrian comes from the Venetic and Illyrian word, "adur" meaning "sea" or "water".
  • Cotta comes from the Latin word "cocta", meaning to cook or ripen.[1]
  • Arc may come from the French word arc-en-ciel, meaning "rainbow".
  • Adrian is voiced by Lucella Wren Clary, the infant daughter of RWBY producer Joe Clary.
  • The directors considered Adrian being a very young baby, but later changed him to be a toddler for Volume 6.[2]


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