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In the past, Abigail's father was forced into debt by multiple people and was unable to pay it back. Due to this, he lost his life at the hands of the same people and left Abigail to fend for herself. Following her father's death, she decided she wanted to get her hands on the people that killed her father and even got her hands as dirty as them to do so.

During a mission to deliver illegal contraband for a client, she met Asher Mora who was doing the same thing as her and offered to pay him more than his current client for helping her. Following this, the two began to take missions together and became better acquainted with each other with Asher sharing his last with her and her telling Asher about her father.

During one of their missions together, they ran into one of the people responsible for her father's death and Abigail began acting violent on him. After Asher noticed this and told her to stop, she decided to kill the person in response while Asher turned a blind eye to his murder.

During a later job for the Hana Guild, she set Asher up the last time he was in Kuchinashi and nearly got him killed by giving him an empty box that she wanted him to deliver to two of their agents and stole his scroll in the process while leaving a message saying sorry before burying it. Before she did however, Asher told her she owed him a favor for helping her start her own criminal organization known as "The Hearth".

At some point in time, she and her organization became rivals of the Wave crime syndicate. Some time following betraying Asher, she decided to return to Kuchinashi to deal with them under the nickname of "The Hearth".

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RWBY: The Grimm Campaign

The Kuchinashi Incident

She is said to have recently returned to the city under a different name, "The Hearth", who are known as a guild of thieves and assassins. When Asher heard about her from the Taskmaster, he believes that she might be an ally to the resistance that they need to recruit. After Asher told his team about his past with Abigail, they later go towards a warehouse that Abigail used to use and later find her still using it after she announced herself to them. Once they discuss the situation regarding the Wave, she agrees to help Team SAFR take out the Wave, having come back to the city to deal with them. However, she first needs them to take out the Wave's caravans with magic artifacts leaving the city.

After they succeed, she agrees to help them and is shown to be interested in the artifacts. When Team SAFR ask for her help to rescue Taupe however, she showed no interest in helping them until Asher mentioned that it was the work of the Hana Guild. After hearing about this, she decided to send two of her best men, Beeve and Keister, to help them rescue Taupe and take down the Hana Guild's plans.

When the Wave attempt to ship off the Magic artifacts using a stolen airship, Team SAFR ask Abigail and The Hearth for help stopping them. Before they go through with it though, she apologized to them for making them go through so much work to recruit them. During the infiltration attempt, she and the Hearth work with Asher and Arrastra's group. While they attempted to infiltrate from the sky and were attacked by controlled Lancers, Asher and Arrastra managed to land to safety while Abigail missed her landing target and began to fall. Before she could however, Arrastra uses her Semblance to save her with Abigail respecting her for her help and managed to get on the ship with Team SAFR.

It's later revealed that she attacked Lemon and took the Magic Necklace before taking control of the ship. She also revealed to Team SAFR that Vermillion Raddock had promised her a large amount of money to give it to him. While she attempted to fight off Team SAFR with the Magic Necklace, she was easily restrained by Fenix Nemean after he used his Beast Mode and the necklace was stolen from her by Asher, who managed to control a Manticore and make it attack her. After the ship crashed, the Manticore and Abigail were nowhere to be seen implying that it killed her.

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