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Abigail Pyre was a former member of the Hana Guild, the leader of The Hearth and an old acquaintance of Asher Mora. She first appeared in "He's not Tacco, he's GiveO" when Asher told his team about his past and later met her. She served as an antagonist during the second season of RWBY: The Grimm Campaign.

She was killed in "When Life Gives You Lemons" when Asher used the Magic Necklace to have a Manticore attack her.


Abigail had red hair and dark eyes.


Abigail was a criminal, making her untrustworthy and mischievous. She revealed to Asher that in the past her father got into debt and paid the price with his life and that in order to get to the people that did it, she would have to get her hands just as dirty. After finding one of the people involved, Asher stated that she acted very violently towards him and killed him after Asher intervened.

While she and Asher were old acquaintances and he helped her create her criminal empire "The Hearth", she had no problem with double-crossing him. She gave Asher an empty box to give to the Hana Guild despite knowing that they would probably kill him and stole his Scroll so he wouldn't be able to contact her. After he survived and found his scroll however, Abigail left a message on it saying "sorry".

After they met again and Team SAFR was able to get help from her and her forces, she seemingly didn't care that the Hana Guild was keeping Taupe hostage until Asher mentioned them to her and reluctantly gave their team two of her men. She was also shown to respect Arrastra Skye when she prevented her from falling off the Wave's stolen ship.

However, she easily accepted the offer given to her by Vermillion Raddock for killing Lemon and taking control of her ship just to give him the Magic artifacts for a huge reward. This showed that despite her past grudge with the Hana Guild, she was willing to work with them as long as she got a reward. She also willingly fought against Team SAFR after she failed to convince them to help her and used the Magic Necklace to control a Manticore to try and kill them.

After Asher stole the necklace from her and had the Grimm grab her instead, Abigail began to fear for her life since she believed that she really was going to die at their hands.

Powers and Abilities

Abigail was a skilled fighter, able to briefly face all of Team SAFR at once, although she was quickly bested by them. She was easily restrained by Fenix Nemean after he used his Beast Mode on her and shattered her Aura in the process.


Her weapon of choice is a scimitar with a similar design to Asher's Fortune's Fangs.


Abigail's Semblance allows her to create an "Ethereal Hand" which made her great at pick pocketing people.


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