A Simple Wok is a street-side noodle bar located in Vale. First revealed in the episode "Painting the Town..." in RWBY Volume 2, it is presumably owned by the Shopkeep as he is seen working there.

Sun Wukong and Neptune Vasilias are seen at the noodle bar in "Painting the Town..." with the latter wondering if the members of Team RWBY are okay. The former simply assumes as much, and the two go back to eating.


  • The name is a reference to A Simple Walk into Mordor, another Rooster Teeth production, which also starred RWBY co-director, co-writer and the voice actor of Neptune: Kerry Shawcross.
    • The bar banner depicts two straw-hatted characters that resemble Kerry and co-star Chris Demarais. In the background of the image, a tower similar to Barad-dûr can be seen, further tying in with the reference.
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