"Yellow" Trailer


RWBY Yellow Trailer

(2) The running man (at the back on the left).

  1. Model - Between the times of 2:10 and 2:30 all the thugs change weapons twice in a matter of seconds. Up until the close shot of Yang Xiao Long's and Junior Xiong's "kissing" they all have fireaxes. Then, as it cuts to a wide shot, they seem to be holding swords (as seen in "Ruby Rose"), and back in the close up they have axes again. The wide shot could have possibly been done later when the models had been updated while everything else in the trailer was with an older model.
  2. Animation - At around 2:21, a man can be seen running in one spot for less than 1 second before it cuts to Junior.
  3. Model - At 3:15, based on the placement of Melanie Malachite's shoe, Melanie and Miltia Malachite are standing on the dance floor in front of the DJ platform. However, at 3:26, as Yang reloads, Melanie and Miltia are no longer present on the dance floor.

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