Scathing eyes ask that we be symmetrical, one sided and easily processed. Yet every misshapen spark's unseen beauty is greater than its would be judgement.

The "Yellow" Trailer premiered on June 1st, 2013 at A-Kon Dallas. Shortly after, the video was uploaded online on MTV Geek, then on the Rooster Teeth site and YouTube a few hours later.

The song that plays throughout the trailer is titled "I Burn", which includes remixes of "Red Like Roses", "Mirror Mirror", and "From Shadows".

The trailer is situated in a more modern environment than the previous trailers, as it takes place at a nightclub.


The trailer begins with Yang Xiao Long riding Bumblebee to Junior's Club, a building run by Junior Xiong. As she enters the club, she notices Roman Torchwick finish a conversation with Junior before walking away. She approaches Junior for information and grabs him painfully below the waist until he tells her what she wants, asking about Raven Branwen. Junior's henchmen come to his aid and Yang releases him.

She follows him to the dance floor and lures him into a false sense of security before punching him across the room. She then deploys Ember Celica and proceeds to mow down the henchmen very quickly. The DJ then pulls a gun and starts firing at Yang, but she uses her gauntlets to jump up and punches him out onto the dance floor.

The twins Melanie and Miltia Malachite then go to confront Yang, seeming more annoyed at her actions. Yang reloads and faces off against the two, who put up a strong fight against her, easily avoiding her shots and using a combined attack to push her back. The tide turns, however, when she knocks Melanie back hard enough to leave her lying stunned on the floor. She then focuses on Miltia, smashing her through a glass pillar and knocking her out. Immediately afterward, Melanie gets to her feet and is attacked by Yang. The two are evenly matched, but Yang eventually gets the upper hand and defeats her.

Junior then returns with a large bazooka and fires multiple rockets at Yang, some of which she avoids and others, she destroys. Junior then turns his weapon into a club and hits Yang several times before knocking her away and then firing more rockets at her. As Yang gets in close, he swings his club at her again. However, this time, she avoids it and begins punching him repeatedly, eventually blasting him away and breaking his club in half. While attempting to defend himself, Junior pulls out a lock of Yang's hair.

This sends Yang into a rage, and she summons a huge explosion of fire. She charges forward and hits Junior with a devastating punch that launches him from the club. She then follows him outside, where Ruby Rose is seen standing. Yang greets her, calling Ruby "Sis". When Ruby asks what she is doing here, Yang only responds that "it's a long story".


A quote fades in: "Scathing eyes ask that we be symmetrical, one sided and easily processed. Yet every misshapen spark's unseen beauty is greater than its would be judgement."

Yang is shown riding her motorcycle through the streets of Vale. She eventually stops in front of a club that is blasting music. As she walks through the club, she sees Roman Torchwick ending a conversation with Junior. She makes her way to the bar where Junior stands.

Yang: Strawberry Sunrise. No ice. Oh, and one of those little umbrellas.

Junior: Aren't you a little young to be in this club, Blondie?

Yang (giggles): Aren't you a little old to have a name like Junior?

Junior: So you know who I am. You got a name, sweetheart?

Yang: Yes, Junior, I've got several. But instead of sweetheart, you can just call me sir.

She grabs his groin and squeezes it painfully causing Junior to cry out in pain comically.

Yang: People say you know everything.

She brings her scroll up to his face, showing him a picture.

Yang: Tell me where I can find her and I'll let you go.

Junior (straining): I've never seen her before, I swear!

Yang: Excuse me?

Junior (straining): I swear, sir!

Junior's henchmen begin to gather around.

Yang: Hmm, looks like we have an audience. This must kind of embarrassing for you, huh? Awkward....

Junior (straining): Listen, blondie sir. If you want to make it out of this club alive, I suggest you let me go. Now!

She lets go and Junior sighs in relief.

Junior: You'll pay for that!

He puts on his sunglasses and walks away from her. Yang follows closely behind.

Yang: Oh Junior, I was just playing with you! Don't be so sensitive! Come on, lets kiss and make up, okay?

Junior stops and turns around.

Junior: Huh? Uh, okay.

As he leans in, she punches him in the face sending him flying across the room. The henchmen run towards her. Activating Ember Celica, she jumps into the air and punches down, sending them flying back. She takes out all the henchmen and even the DJ when the two malachite twins step into the room.

Miltia: Melanie, who is this girl?

Melanie: I dunno Miltia but we should teach her a lesson.

Yang loads another belt of ammunition into Ember Celica and takes out the twins after a struggle.

The holograms in the club suddenly turn off and a spotlight shines on Junior as he brings out his Bazooka.

Junior: You're gonna pay for this.

He begins to attack but in the end is taken out in a fierce punch by Yang who grew angry at having some of her hair pulled out in the fight. He flies out the window, landing in front of Ruby. Yang comes outside shortly after.

Ruby: Yang? Is that you?

Yang: Oh! Hey sis!

Ruby: What are you doing here?

Yang sighs before the screen cuts to black.

Yang: (Sighs) It's a long story.

The RWBY title pans from the left of the screen before unveiling all four characters: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. The screen changes to a black background with a flaming effect on the botton edge and the announcement to "SEE THE PREMIERE at RTX 2013: AUGUST, TX JULY 5-7" appears before the screen fades to black.



  • After being questioned about the trailer quote, Monty Oum revealed to Barbara Dunkelman that it foreshadows Yang losing her right arm.[1][2]
  • Near the beginning of the trailer, Junior calls Yang "Blondie", which could be a reference to Barbara Dunkelman's Xbox Live gamertag, BlawnD.
  • A DJ with a bear mask was shown, likely a reference to the Canadian DJ Deadmau5, who wears a mouse mask.
  • The "Yellow" Trailer also featured the cameo appearance of one of the show's first main antagonists, Roman Torchwick.
  • The picture Yang shows to Junior is a piece of artwork by Monty Oum called Transient Princess, which depicts the character Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII with "hair that transitions into the threads of a feather".
  • At the New York Comic Con panel, Monty confirmed the woman in the picture would factor into the series at a later point.[3] In "Burning the Candle", it is revealed that Yang was searching for her mother, Raven, at Junior's Club.
  • As Yang enters the club, a black raven can be seen watching her before flying off into the night. Although not confirmed in the show, a statement by Yang in "Known by its Song" reporting having seen the bird before suggests this is her mother in her corvid form.
  • The events of the "Yellow" Trailer are re-told in the seventh, eighth and ninth chapters of the RWBY manga, with additional character interaction and cameos after the fight is concluded.
  • When Yang shows Junior a picture of Raven, she has a black Scroll. However, in subsequent volumes, she has a basic white Scroll.

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