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  1. Model - When the fight begins, Weiss Schnee has her scar at about 1:05–1:06. However, in every shot where her left eye is visible between 1:07 and 2:07, there is no visible scar. When she first starts bleeding at 2:07, there is no scar, but as the blood flows down her cheek, the scar appears. From then on, the scar is visible next to the blood.
  2. Model - At 1:01, the Arma Gigas does not have a sword in its hand, however, in the next shot, a sword appears in its hand.
  3. Model - During four different shots at 1:18, 1:20, 1:23, and 1:24, multiple Dust slots in Myrtenaster are red. This is most likely an earlier version of Myrtenaster's model, from before Monty Oum decided to color code Dust.
  4. Model - During the instance where Weiss is punched by the Arma Gigas, Myrtenaster can be seen on her side. It appears back in her left hand as she stands back up.
  5. Animation - At 1:45, a constraint cube can be seen in Weiss' right hand.
  6. Animation - Between 2:12 and 2:18, Myrtenaster's blade goes from glowing red to lacking the glow, to the former, then the latter, twice.
  7. Model - At 2:18, directly after blocking the Arma Gigas' attack and when Weiss begins using ice Dust, she has blood on her face, as she should. However, at 2:23, after freezing the Arma Gigas' feet and looking up, the blood is gone. At 2:24, when she is on the armor's sword, the blood is back again, but then it vanishes again at 2:27 after jumping off the sword, only to reappear, for good, at 2:31.
  8. Animation - At 2:26, during the small instance where Weiss swings Myrtenaster to disarm the Arma Gigas, the sword she was standing on is gone, while the camera still does a full 360-degree turn, despite the fact she traveled straight and is not spinning anymore.
  9. Animation - At 2:29, the Arma Gigas is shown with its back to the wall of the castle, while Weiss is in the center of the room. In the next shot with the Arma Gigas, it is shown to be in the center of the room, running at Weiss, who is farther back than where she was before. In the final shot before Weiss launches the Arma Gigas, it is then shown charging at her from the side of the room.
  10. Animation - As the Arma Gigas falls back to the floor after Weiss' fatal blow, it is shown to have had white glowing smoke flowing from its joints. In the shot where it finally hits the floor and shatters, this smoke is gone completely.

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