Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest...

The "Red" Trailer first aired at the end of the Red vs. Blue Season 10 finale credits on November 5th, 2012.

The trailer shows Ruby Rose fighting Beowolves with her weapon, Crescent Rose. The song that plays throughout the trailer is called "Red Like Roses".

Landmarks in the trailer include a snow-ridden forest with a wide, circular prairie, where Ruby and the Beowolves fight, and Summer's Gravestone, a marker at the edge of the cliff.


Ruby is seen under the full moon overlooking a grave on the side of a cliff. She leaves and passes through a forest, only to be confronted by a pack of Beowolves who quickly surround her.

Three Grimm rush forward and attack, but Ruby vanishes in a flash of rose petals before appearing above them and shoots the wolves with her weapon, Crescent Rose. Her weapon then transforms into a scythe and she wraps the blade around one of the Beowolves.

She nods, then cuts it in half by using the recoil of a shot she fired. Ruby then slams the scythe into the ground to brace it as she fires several rounds at the approaching Beowolves that come out of the woods to join the fight. Ruby is then engaged by 3 Beowolves, all of which are swiftly cut down by Ruby, who utilizes a flurry of attacks to de-limb and destroy the former two, before decapitating the last one. Two more rush her, before Ruby wraps her scythe around the closest one, before shooting, which cleaves the former in half, while the one furthest away gets hit by Crescent Rose's round.

Another pair attack, one gets swiftly disarmed, literally, before having its legs sliced off, killing it, before the second rushes in - only to get Crescent Rose wrapped around its throat, blade first, before Ruby jumps into the air and onto its back, before firing, cleanly decapitating it. As Ruby flies up into the air due to the recoil, she shoots Crescent Rose, while using both the recoil and her blade to swiftly down three more wolves. A fourth on the ground then manages to strike her, sending her flying back.

Ruby then stands straight, observes the Beowolf horde, and ejects Crescent Rose's magazine, before flipping Crescent Rose's orientation. She then discharges Crescent Rose, and the Gravity Dust magazine she places in amplifies her recoil, causing her to fly forward at insanely fast speeds. She swiftly kills two more Beowolves, while the others look on in shock - just in time for Ruby to reach the large pack.

She swiftly enters, and utilizes Crescent Rose to its entirety to destroy almost all of the Beowolves with multiple shots, strikes, stabs and slices. As limbs and bullet casings fly, Ruby finishes the final Beowolf before firing one last round from Crescent Rose which causes a massive explosion, while she flips into the air and lands without flaw, before posing with Crescent Rose while casings fall down around her.


The beginning chords of "Red Like Roses" are heard as the black reveals the words:


The text glows and scatters in red and white petals, and the full moon is shown amid falling snow and a floating red petal.

a new series by MONTY OUM

Several more petals join the original, which passes over the words and dissolves them in red and black.

A figure in a red hood and flowing cloak is seen under the moon and in a snowy landscape, the cape constantly producing dozens of wind-blown rose petals. An altar is seen near the edge of the cliff that the person is standing at, who turns and walks away to let the audience see the rose symbol on the marker and the words "Summer Rose - Thus Kindly I Scatter".

The red-hooded wanderer slowly walks through a snowy forest, where shadowy, beastly shapes quickly dart through, before coming to a clearing and looking around at the sight of around a dozen black-coated, red-eyed Beowolves circling their prey. Three decide to dash forward and attack through jumping, but the figure disappears in a swish of rose petals, and the creatures crash to the ground and look up.

Outlined by the moon's light, her cape swirling around her body, is Ruby, who reaches behind her in slow-motion, pulls out a rifle, and fires a shot that blows a large part of a Beowolf's head out in a burst of blood-red smoke.

More Beowolves start to attack as Ruby lands. She leaps over the first beast and shoots it in the back, then, still in the air, blasts another one's side and gets into a position where she can fire at the third dead center. She rolls back and stands, unfolding Crescent Rose into its larger - and deadlier - scythe form.

One of the braver Beowolves goes forward, but Ruby merely spins, hooks its body in the curve of her blade, smiles at the camera as the monster growls, and fires the sniper section at speeds that sever the creature's body in a shower of petals. Both halves land on the ground, continuing to bleed roses, and the rest of the pack charges.

Ruby, rotating the weapon, unloads her spent bullet and drives the blade into the ground, firing from a single spot at several approaching monsters until one swipes at her feet, narrowly missing as she jumps up with Crescent Rose and blasts back, digging it into the ground again when she sees more creatures emerging from the woods.

A Beowolf almost gets her with its claws, but she twists out of the way, fires at the monster in front of her to make the weapon and wielder spin, and kicks at the one behind her. She twirls the scythe and cuts down Beowolves from both sides, dodging another attack to hook a beast in and blast out at an approaching creature to kill both.

Ruby leaps over two, goes in to dismember and cut down one, and catches another's neck in her blade with her on the beast's back before pulling the trigger and beheading it while flying upwards. Two Beowolves follow, but she shoots her way down and slices them up when she has to block from a wolf's swipe on the ground, which pushes her back and lets her see the large number of enemies left.

Nodding, Ruby drops her previous cartridge, inserts another with a cross symbol, loads it in, and blasts off at a higher speed than ever before, coming at the dumbfounded Beowolves like a rocket when she converts the scythe to a sickle-shape and spins her way through the mass, cutting up and down, left and right, leaving bullets, rose petals, and blackened body parts flying into the air. She disembowels them quicker and quicker until the last one falls, she blasts into a jump, and lands in a pose with her scythe hanging behind her as bullets rain from the sky.

Ruby's form is darkened to a silhouette against the red moon while credits are seen under her image, right before the picture spins and slides itself into the collection of other unseen girls (though Ruby's concept art is seen in a moment) and the title of the show is announced as RWBY - COMING 2013.



  • Upon airing the "Red" Trailer, many Red vs. Blue Fans felt that the series was ending; however, the staff at Rooster Teeth confirmed that Red vs. Blue was still in production and would return with an 11th season.
  • The tombstone at the beginning of the "Red" Trailer reads "Summer Rose / Thus Kindly I Scatter", an allusion to Thomas Moore's poem, The Last Rose of Summer.[1]
    • It was later revealed that Summer Rose was the name of Ruby's mother.
  • Monty Oum stated that Ruby's actions in the trailer are "out of character", and it was more of a weapon demonstration.[2]
  • The events of the "Red" Trailer are re-told in Chapter 1 of the RWBY manga.
  • The second magazine that Ruby uses, with the black muzzle flash and cross-shaped symbol, is heavily hinted to be Gravity Dust ammunition in "Reloading", the 3rd episode of RWBY Chibi.
  • During RTX 2016, composer Jeff Williams revealed he was initially horrified at the trailer, saying "Why is she killing these dogs? What is... this is a show about a psycho fucking kid slicing up dogs!". He felt unsure about joining the project before Monty gave him details on the story. His daughter who sings in the trailer, Casey Lee Williams, was much more appreciative, attributing it to her "goth phase" at the time.[3]
    • During the same panel, Jeff recalled asking Monty who was in the grave that Ruby was visiting, and Monty simply replied "I don't know. We just thought it wouls be cool." Jeff was incredulous, saying "What if it is her mother?", and Monty took it as a suggestion to turn it into Summer Rose's gravestone.

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