The opening quote is shown: "Your hopes have become my burden. I will find my own liberation."

Blake Belladonna sits on a rock outcrop watching red leaves drift down in the Forest.

Adam Taurus walks up to her

Adam: Blake, it's time.

She slowly turns toward him.

Blake: Okay.

The pair run through the forest until they reach a cliff, the camera drifts down to show a train rushing through the forest along some tracks.

Adam and Blake slide down the hill and jump onto the top of the train, digging their weapons into the roof as they land. Upon boarding it the two jump onto another car, Adam slashes at a hatch before lifting it as they enter a car full of AK-130 Androids.

Adam: Looks like we're gonna be doing this the hard way.

The Androids activate and circle the duo.

Blake: Don't be so dramatic.

An Android activates the guns on its arms.

Android: Intruder, identify yourself.

Adam responds by firing his sword, dashing behind to shoot it's head off then cutting the Android in two. The rest deploy blades and he and Blake proceed to completely annihilate the Androids in the car. Eventually, Adam kicks one and they burst out of the freight car onto a flatcar and encounter a horde of Androids running towards them.

Adam: Let's do this.

They decimate the horde and enter into a second freight car.

Adam opens a box and examines the contents inside.

Adam: Perfect. Move up to the next car.

He closes the trunk.

Adam: I'll set the charges.

Blake: What about the crew members?

Adam: What about them?

Adam turns his head around and sees a Spider Droid climbing down from the ceiling of the car. Adam moves to fight it.

Blake (anxiously): Adam.

Adam and Blake try to fight it, but it doesn't go so well. Adam grabs Blake before she is about to be crushed by the droid's legs.

Blake: We need to get out of here.

Eventually it fires a shot and knocks them back as the fight moves out of the car onto another flatcar.

Adam: Buy me some time!

Blake: Are you sure?

Adam: Do it!

Blake distracts the droid while Adam readies his next attack. As she jumps back to Adam some time later...

Adam: Move!

The droid fires a powerful beam. Adam catches the beam with Wilt. As his body starts to glow, the droid jumps toward him. Adam chuckles then slashes out with his sword, disintegrating the droid and even affecting the trees in the Red Forest causing their leaves to fly into the air.

As Adam walks back towards Blake, he finds her on a separate train car standing near the coupler between the cars. As he reaches out to her...

Blake: Goodbye.

She severs the coupler and lets the released cars slow down as she lets the rest of the train continue en-route. As she leaves, the background becomes completely red with a black silhouete of Blake in the middle, with black leaves falling down. Then the camera zooms out from the RWBY title card and the silhouettes of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna becoming defined. The screen changes red background with black leaves and an announcement to "SEE THE PREMIERE at RTX 2013: AUGUST, TX JULY 5-7" appears before the screen fades to black.

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