"Black" TrailerEdit

  1. Model - At 1:04, Blake Belladonna's model floats over a gap while she's running alongside Adam Taurus.
  2. Model - At 1:27, when the Atlesian Knight-130 confronts Adam, its lights are a brightly lit red. However, at 1:31, when Adam strikes it with Wilt, its lights are dark and faded. This then changes again to bright red in 1:33 as the camera shows the side of the android, up until it gets sliced into half, and falls in 1:34.
  3. Model - At 2:18, as Blake pulls Gambol Shroud back to herself, the androids behind her do not have any lit up body lights.
  4. Model - From 2:11 to 2:39, the androids' lights are faded, when they should actually be bright red.
  5. Model - At 3:09, when the Spider Droid headbutts Blake; Blake's model is placed over the android's head instead of in front of it, as the impact flash suggests.
  6. Model- Between 2:56 to 3:27, the boxes lining the sides of the car appear and disappear at random intervals.
  7. Model - At 4:04, as Adam lays the finishing blow on the Spider Droid, the area where he strikes and the impact flash do not match the way they should.

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