Your hopes have become my burden. I will find my own liberation...

The "Black" Trailer first aired on Crunchyroll on March 22nd, 2013. Two hours later, the trailer was uploaded to the Rooster Teeth website and YouTube. The song that plays throughout the trailer is "From Shadows" by Jeff Williams.

The trailer opens up with Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus preparing to raid a cargo train in the forest of Forever Fall, battling through a legion of Atlesian Knight-130's and a Spider Droid in the process.

Landmarks in this trailer include the aforementioned "Forever Fall" and a railway line on which a train travels across.


Blake is seen sitting on a rock in the Forever Fall forest when Adam approaches, telling her that "It's time". Blake seems uneasy, but follows him regardless to a cliffside, where they slide down the side before jumping onto a passing train. Adam swiftly cuts open a hatch, and they drop into one of the cars, only to be confronted by a large group of activating Atlesian Knight-130s.

One of the androids calls them intruders and instructs them to identify themselves, but Adam simply cuts one into pieces with Wilt before Blake joins the fight with Gambol Shroud. The two quickly destroy the androids in the train car before moving onto a flatbed car with even more Knight-130s approaching.

They continue to fight them until they reach a cargo hold. Adam looks inside and is pleased with what he sees, although the contents of the crate are not shown or identified. He then tells Blake to move to the next car while he sets the charges. Blake asks about the crew, but Adam shows no concern at all for them. At that moment, a Spider Droid climbs down from the ceiling and attacks.

Blake and Adam's attacks do little damage to the droid, and they are blasted through a door onto another flatbed car by a large energy attack from it. Adam tells Blake to buy him some time, and she attacks the droid on her own, but she quickly retreats behind Adam as the droid prepares another large attack. The droid fires an energy attack at Adam, but he is able to absorb it into his sword. Adam laughs menacingly, his hair and clothes glowing before he swings his sword and destroys the droid.

Adam turns around to see Blake on the next car. After making the decision to stop following Adam, she says goodbye and decides to leave him, cutting the line connecting the two train cars. Adam reaches for her but does not follow. This may signify the day Blake left the White Fang.

Significance in RWBYEdit

In "The Stray", Weiss Schnee mentions that the White Fang had stolen an entire shipment of Dust from a cargo train in her list of grievances against them. Blake's attack on this shipment could be the same event, made even more probable by the presence of Schnee Dust Company symbols located on the crates aboard the train.

In "Black and White", Blake explains to Sun Wukong that the train robbery was one of the new measures of the White Fang to retaliate against companies that used Faunus labor.

The events surrounding the trailer were later revisited in a flashback sequence in "Beginning of the End". The night before the attack, Cinder Fall and her allies visit Adam to enlist his help in her plans. However, Adam refuses their proposition on the grounds that he is not willing to have the White Fang fight for a Human cause. As they leave, Blake shows up, wondering what was going on, but Adam tells her to ignore it and prepare for the train assault.

Shortly after the events of the trailer, Adam and his Lieutenant are seen discussing Blake's betrayal before Cinder re-appears and forces them to cooperate. Adam also mentions that he must return to Mistral.


The opening quote is shown: "Your hopes have become my burden. I will find my own liberation."

Blake Belladonna sits on a rock outcrop watching red leaves drift down in the Forest.

Adam Taurus walks up to her

Adam: Blake, it's time.

She slowly turns toward him.

Blake: Okay.

The pair run through the forest until they reach a cliff, the camera drifts down to show a train rushing through the forest along some tracks.

Adam and Blake slide down the hill and jump onto the top of the train, digging their weapons into the roof as they land. Upon boarding it the two jump onto another car, Adam slashes at a hatch before lifting it as they enter a car full of AK-130 Androids.

Adam: Looks like we're gonna be doing this the hard way.

The Androids activate and circle the duo.

Blake: Don't be so dramatic.

An Android activates the guns on its arms.

Android: Intruder, identify yourself.

Adam responds by firing his sword, dashing behind to shoot it's head off then cutting the Android in two. The rest deploy blades and he and Blake proceed to completely annihilate the Androids in the car. Eventually, Adam kicks one and they burst out of the freight car onto a flatcar and encounter a horde of Androids running towards them.

Adam: Let's do this.

They decimate the horde and enter into a second freight car.

Adam opens a box and examines the contents inside.

Adam: Perfect. Move up to the next car.

He closes the trunk.

Adam: I'll set the charges.

Blake: What about the crew members?

Adam: What about them?

Adam turns his head around and sees a Spider Droid climbing down from the ceiling of the car. Adam moves to fight it.

Blake (anxiously): Adam.

Adam and Blake try to fight it, but it doesn't go so well. Adam grabs Blake before she is about to be crushed by the droid's legs.

Blake: We need to get out of here.

Eventually it fires a shot and knocks them back as the fight moves out of the car onto another flatcar.

Adam: Buy me some time!

Blake: Are you sure?

Adam: Do it!

Blake distracts the droid while Adam readies his next attack. As she jumps back to Adam some time later...

Adam: Move!

The droid fires a powerful beam. Adam catches the beam with Wilt. As his body starts to glow, the droid jumps toward him. Adam chuckles then slashes out with his sword, disintegrating the droid and even affecting the trees in the Red Forest causing their leaves to fly into the air.

As Adam walks back towards Blake, he finds her on a separate train car standing near the coupler between the cars. As he reaches out to her...

Blake: Goodbye.

She severs the coupler and lets the released cars slow down as she lets the rest of the train continue en-route. As she leaves, the background becomes completely red with a black silhouete of Blake in the middle, with black leaves falling down. Then the camera zooms out from the RWBY title card and the silhouettes of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna becoming defined. The screen changes red background with black leaves and an announcement to "SEE THE PREMIERE at RTX 2013: AUGUST, TX JULY 5-7" appears before the screen fades to black.



  • Several scenes were animated for the "Black" Trailer but were discarded for various reasons. Some of them were later released to the public by Shane Newville on his Vine account, along with some other behind-the-scenes footage.
    • Deflect.avi- A discarded animation of Blake and Adam in combat. Adam's original character design/model can also be seen. Adam's original model lacks his signature longcoat, instead having a black short-sleeved top with combat vest, cargo pants and combat boots. His sword, Wilt, originally had a black blade that glowed orange when making strikes, and was carried diagonally across his back rather than at his side.
    • Flatbed.avi - An alternative reveal shot of the Spider Droid. In the description, Shane mentions that there was originally to be a helicopter mech and a second train, but they are not shown.
    • MoonSlice.avi - The original version of Adam's finishing move against the Spider Droid. Ultimately, Monty Oum thought of a better alternative that was used instead.
    • Crawler.avi - Adam beheads a crawling AK-130. The scene was discarded for being "too slow paced".
    • SliderSide.avi - A behind-the-scenes view of how the shot of Adam and Blake sliding down the hill was actually created.
  • According to Monty, the "Black" Trailer was his favorite trailer.
  • The "Black" Trailer was the first RWBY media to have fully voice-acted lines.
  • In the Volume 1 DVD, the music cuts out after Adam destroys the Spider Droid. Later, as Team RWBY's silhouette image appears, the sound of a man's laughter can be faintly heard.
  • The events of the "Black" Trailer were re-told in the fifth and sixth chapters of the RWBY manga.

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RWBY "Black" Trailer

RWBY "Black" Trailer


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