"Schnee Dust Company(シュニー・ダスト・カンパニー)"RWBY: World of Remnantの15番目のエピソードである。



1 さて、今度は何について話すんだったっけか…… Alright, alright, what was I supposed to talk about next? Uh...
2 ああそうか、こいつについちゃあ語りがいがあるぜ。 Oh! Oh-ho-ho-hooo boy! Yeah, okay! I've got a few words to say about this one.
3 シュニー・ダスト・カンパニーだ。あの自意識過剰で事業独占する高慢チキ野郎どもは、利益をあげるためなら下々の人間を平気で踏み台にしやがる。まあ、こりゃ俺個人の感想だがな。 The Schnee Dust Company. Bunch of self-entitled, monopolizing, S-N-O-Bs, who only care about making a profit, no matter how many little people they gotta step on to make it happen. A-hem. (clears throat) But, uh, that's just my opinion.
4 知っての通り、レムナントでの生存にはダストって呼ばれる結晶物質が不可欠だ。都市のエネルギー、機械の燃料、そしてグリムとやり合う手段でもある。 As you all know, survival on the world of Remnant depends almost entirely on a crystallized substance known as Dust. It powers our cities, fuels our machines and gives us a fighting chance against the creatures of Grimm.
5 とにかく役に立つってワケだ。今じゃあ、箱にシュニー社の雪結晶マークが入ってないダスト製品を買うのは不可能なくらいさ。だが最初からそうだったわけじゃねえ。 Which means it's extremely valuable. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to buy Dust products without the Schnee company snowflake stamped on the box. But it didn't always used to be that way.
6 元ダスト鉱夫の兵士の息子、ニコラス・シュニーは大戦後に生まれたんだが、今なら次世代の産業革命を最大限利用できると悟った。 Nicholas Schnee was the son of a Dust miner turned soldier, born just after the Great War, and found himself at the perfect point in history to take full advantage of the world's next industrial revolution.
7 マントル王国、後のアトラスだが、まさに変革の時期だった。テクノロジーの最前線に居たわけだが、そのために、気づいた時には資源は枯渇寸前だった。 The Kingdom of Mantle, soon to be Atlas, was in a transformative period. They found themselves on the forefront of technology, but realized they'd depleted nearly all of their natural resources to do so.
8 そこでニコラスの出番だ。王国が他国の世話になりきりにさせまいと、若かりしニコラス・シュニーは昼に訓練校、夜にゃ父親と一緒にやせ細った鉱山で働き、残りの時間は知らない事を何でも知り尽くそうと猛勉強。大した根性だぜ。 That's where Old Nick came in. Rather than watch his Kingdom become dependent on the aid of others, young Nicholas Schnee decided to spend his days at combat school, his nights working alongside his father in the dwindling Mantle mines, and anytime in between learning everything he could about anything he didn't know. Heh. Kid had a fire in his belly.
9 父親の死後、彼が遺産を受け継いだ。大したモンじゃなかったが、ニコラスの計画にゃ充分だった。学校を去り、賄えるだけ人員を集め、新たに王国を支えられるだけのダスト鉱山の探索に出向いた。これが見事にまあ、実を結んだわけだ。 When his father died, he left his son everything he had. It wasn't much, but it was enough for Nick to set his plan into action. He left school, rallied all the men he could afford, and set out on an expedition to find a Dust deposit that could revitalize his Kingdom. And wouldn't you know, he actually pulled it off.
10 わずか数年の間にシュニーの名は別の事を意味するようになった。高品質、低価格、信頼感。訓練校に通った数年間は、ニコラスが自ら探索の指揮監督する準備だったワケだ。 Fast forward just a few years and the name Schnee suddenly meant something: quality, affordability, trust. See, all those years spent in combat school was so that Nick could personally oversee every new expedition.
11 人々は自分の危険を省みずに身を捧げた男を評価し、シュニー・ダスト・カンパニーはレムナント中の王国を顧客にできたのさ。 People appreciate a man who's willing to stick his neck out for them, and it's how the Schnee Dust Company earned the business of every Kingdom in Remnant.
12 残念ながら、それが彼の引退を早めちまった。ニックが彼と離れたくない家庭を持って、体にもガタが来た。ダスト鉱山での数年間は身体にとんでもない悪影響を及ぼす。 Unfortunately, it's also what led to an early retirement. Nick had started a family that missed him, and his body was tired. Years of working in Dust mines could have some nasty side effects on your health.
13 そこに現れたのがジャック・ジュレーだ。婿入りしたジャックは、シュニーの名を自分のものにした。アイツは……何度も語るのも憚られるな。だが重要なのは、ヤツが狡猾なビジネスマンて事だ。 And so entered Jacques Gelé.[spelling uncertain] Having married into the family, Jacques decided to take the Schnee name over his own. He was… a lot of words I shouldn't repeat. But most importantly, he was a cunning businessman.
14 ジャックは彼こそSDCの跡取りに相応しいとニコラスを納得させた。 Jacques managed to convince Nicholas that he was the perfect man to run the SDC in his place.
15 ある意味じゃ、そいつは正しい。ジャックの指示の下、シュニー・ダスト・カンパニーはこれまで以上に利益を出し、ダスト産業 を独占した。社の心を犠牲にしてな。 And from a certain point of view, he was right. Under Jacques' leadership, the Schnee Dust Company has become more profitable than ever, completely dominating the industry, but at the cost of the company's soul.
16 低賃金労働、危険な労働環境、あらゆる手で競争相手を蹴落とす。ジャックが気にするのは(他)人じゃなくて(自分の)成功だけさ。まああと、自分の広報チームがクソ世界一かってこと位か。 Cheap labor, dangerous working conditions, doing whatever it takes to destroy the competition, Jacques Schnee doesn't care about people. He cares about winning. That, and making sure he's got the best damn PR team in the world.
17 シュニーの名は今も健在だが……明日も健在かどうかは、まあ誰にもわからねぇさ。 The Schnee name still means something today... but, as for what it'll mean tomorrow, well, your guess is as good as mine.


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